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I cleaned the cat’s litterbox yesterday, and he showed his customary pleasure when using the fresh sand for the first time. Here was uncharted territory—virgin sand. OK, cats lead a rather boring life, but that’s about how I felt yesterday when I was tagged for the first time on Facebook (purring). My friend, Joan was daring me to participate in a little social experiment by listing 25 things about myself that others may not already know.

Among my 25 was the fact that I used to belly dance in college. What I didn’t mention is that I also wanted to become a nun after college. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an order of belly dancing nuns. Since dancing involved drinking, and nunning did not, I decided to skip the cloistered life in favor of taking tequila shots while doing hip shimmies.

Photo from Alda Spain

Also not on the list is that I know the proper way to clean a squid. Who knew that you had to squeeze right behind the eyes to pop the beak out? If it weren’t for my Spanish cooking class, I would have committed the social faux pas of serving crunchy and eyebally paella.

I used to own a horse. After some unpleasant experiences with farriers, I learned to shoe her myself. This would have been a great accomplishment, except that I was really bad at it. She had a trot that would rattle your spine, and a tendency to head for low hanging branches when you were riding her. I had to sell her when I got married, and haven’t felt the need to knock myself in the teeth with alder branches ever since.

Rounding out the list is that I’ve seen my grandmother naked on many occasions: not something that many people would care to admit. She was the chaperone for the communal saunas, so the trauma amounted to serial emotional abuse that left me wanting to poke my eyes out.

I’m not really sure what the advantage is to you if you “like” me, but it would definitely create more cute little pictures on my sidebar. I would encourage you to help make me look popular by clicking on the thumbs-up button.

Now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to, please let me know some obscure facts about you. I don’t think that it will win me any points on the Jeopardy show, but I’ve enjoyed learning more about my friends. Beth, put down the peanut butter, back away slowly, and nobody gets hurt.

22 thoughts on “25 Things

  1. Little know facts?

    Both my parents were ministers.

    I studied astrology for over 40 years and created a unique system of interpretation.

    I wrote my first poem at 13 in the middle of a prayer meeting.

    I spent a year in Viet Nam on shore duty even though I was a sailor.

    I’ve had spells of homelessness in 9 different cities.

    • I wasn’t even allowed to bounce my knee in prayer meetings. I definitely would have preferred writing poetry. Hey- I was a kid.

  2. …wanted to poke your eyes out, eye popping skills, we see a pattern here…should we ever meet in person, don’t mind the goggles

    little known fact:? we hide nothing, but not in a shameful, naked granny way

    • I’m on painkillers and muscle relaxants – can’t get up the energy to do any eye poking right now.

  3. Wow, you’ve experienced lots of unique things. I’d love to hear more, as I’m sure there is much more to hear!
    Stuff about me that I haven’t already vomited all over my blog:

    I twirled baton in high school. ho hum
    I got busted smoking pot in the Air Force and had to take what I fondly referred to as, “Don’t smoke weed Classes”.
    I had 3 miscarriages.
    I was Airman of the Year once and met President Carter in Washington. That was cool.
    I ran away from home just before high-school graduation and lost my virginity to a hippie. True story. Stupid, stupid girl that I was.

    OK that’s enough. There’s a whole lot more “Bad Terri” items than there are “Good Terri” items.
    And yes, I’ll check out your FB page and Yes I’ll give the thumbs up stuff.
    Why? Because I like you and that’s how I roll.

    • Damn! I didn’t know we were supposed to tell the bad stuff too! I’m with you- I suspect I wouldn’t have any trouble finding 25 things on that list.

  4. Oh Karla…I can’t. I won’t. I am unable physically to give up on the PB forever. It’s whats holding me together…

  5. Not only have I never cleaned a squid, I didn’t know squids had beaks.
    Also have never seen my grandmother naked.

    But belly dancing? I could really get behind that…And peanut butter.
    Everything tastes better with a little peanut butter.

    Except maybe squid.

  6. You seeing your grandmother naked reminds me of when a friend of mine told me that he walked in on his parents having sex doggy style.

  7. * Former mayor of New York City John Lindsay once pushed me (this was back in the 60s before I knew that I could ruin his political career by calling out his ass on this).
    * I have never smoked pot or taken any illicit drug. All the meds I take now to hold myself together are strictly legal.
    * I am afraid of pigeons.
    * My first memory is of my underpants hanging out to dry over the shower curtain rod when I was about three.
    * I imagine my last memory will be similar.

  8. Peanut butter and squid would be gross…well, squid period would be gross.

    However, PB and bacon sandwiches are delicious!!! Seriously, try it!!!

  9. What Karla modestly didn’t mention is that she won an award in an all city belly dancing contest.

    Seeing grandma naked wasn’t quite as traumatic as she makes it out to be. Better her than seeing our parents naked. Altho I’m not looking forward to everything sagging quite the way grandma’s everything did.

    Other miscellany

    I was in professional porn movies when I was 45 years old. My daughter in law was traumatized when she saw my picture on one of the covers while shopping for porn to watch. She’s now an ex-DIL.

    I’ve been a nurse for 35+ years

    My 2 year old grandson is the cutest, smartest kid this side of the Mississippi

    I once put caterpillars that had rolled up in Karla’s pocket. When they started to crawl out of her pocket you could hear her scream for miles.

    As her older sister I was the bossy one.

    I’m in the midst of remodeling our “ancestral” home and I completely tore out her old bedroom. (do I sense some left over sibling rivalry here?)

    Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches sound delish. But do try peanut butter and dill pickle, we grew up eating them.

    Dad used to gross us out telling us about eating scrambled calf brains for breakfast when he was a kid.

    I’d better quit while I’m behind

  10. I never had sisters and I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t miss having them. I only hear horror stories from friends who do.
    I did have brothers and they helped me learn to survive the world later in life by making my childhood miserable. I now have much thicker skin and a smart mouth.
    I have nothing bad to report because I blamed all that stuff on my brothers years ago.
    I’ve never had squid but my grandmother cooked the legs from frogs my brother caught and we watched them jump in the oven. We didn’t have cable or videos back then. It was awesome entertainment!
    PB and bacon sandwich sounds good. I think I’ll go prepare one right now for lunch.

    • I never thought of twitchy frog legs as entertainment. I leaned more towards watching the clothes in the dryer. Now I have sattelite TV, and I still can’t find anything I like.

  11. I used to claim I was Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins in order to impress/exploit women with larger cup sizes than IQ

    And I sent you a little love yesterday from Robbworld.

    Was wondering if it is too premature to discuss your salary.

  12. Well, there’s one more reason why I’ll avoid eating squid until the end of time….

    Yes, Beth, put down the peanut butter. That’ll give me time to steal it.

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