About Me

karla gravatar Award winning author of Box of Rocks, blogger extraordinaire, humor writer, and professional napper, I consider myself a champion of the youth-impaired. Three years ago, I took up the pen for the first time. I’ve been blogging ever since (when I’m not writing mystery and humor books, publishing, marketing, and saving kittens from burning buildings).

TC logo linked in I am the founder of Tart Cookies: a company I made up in a moment of sleep deprivation to explain my paper clip expenses this tax season. I blog for skirt.com e-magazine, have edited two humor anthologies, and have just released my first humor book.

I would love to hear from you! You can contact me directly at info@restaurant-e-guide.com

Mission Statement:

I was once told that as a co-worker, I taught best by working alongside someone: going through the same experience as them. As a humor writer, my goal is to use laughter to diffuse the anxiety of aging; challenge others to bring humor into their daily lives; and prove that there is joy and laughter to be found at every stage of life’s journey.

Karla Telega