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“Move over, Janet Evanovich. Karla Telega’s new book surprises like an ACME anvil! … Box of Rocks is a fast-paced, smartly detailed, and gut-bustingly funny mystery, and I really hope there’s a sequel!”

Allizabeth Collins, The Paperback Pursuer

“Author, Karla Telega does an amazing job with the characters–not just the personalities she creates, but also in how adeptly she intertwines their lives.”

Leslie Granier, Reader Views

“First of all, this book is absolutely hilarious. The descriptions and dialog are hysterical. … The characters are vibrant and come to life in such a way that you’ll believe they are real people who the author simply observed and recorded.”

7 Scorpions by Mike Saxton

“Another reviewer has compared Maggie and Cher to Thelma and Louise, and I can see that…but to me, they’re more like Stephanie Plum and Lula for the AARP crowd.”

Norma Beishir, Bestselling Author of Chasing the Wind

“One can only hope this is not her last, as the tale is simply delightful. One of the best things about this book is that it proves that there is nothing boring about turning 55.”

Fran Byrum, Portland Book Review

“Box of Rocks is a book that deserves to be on every bookshelf, and I am honored to own one for my personal collection.”

CAV LASTER at Pondering Reviews

“The book is full of interesting characters. They have big personalities that jump off the pages and make you take notice.”

Vicki Newell of I’d Rather be Reading at the Beach