A double espresso to go, please

The winds of fortune shat on me this week (have shitten?) I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to devote all my time to writing and publishing for the last few years, a fiscally foolhardy courageous move on my part. I’ve made some amazing online friends and have published two books and a couple anthologies. That’s something I can hang my hat on.

A financial disaster has struck our family. Since I’m not willing to stand on the street corner with a cardboard sign that says, “Will rite for cheaz,” I’m forced to once more seek employment of the type that provides a regular check, health care, retirement fund, and a major time sink. This means two things: I’m going to have waaaay less time for writing, and I’m going to have to change my underwear every day (well maybe not on weekends).

sleeping on the job Jobs are scarce around here, so I can use all the happy thoughts I can get during my job search. Fortunately, I got my start in fiction when I became the family résumé writer. Advantage: Karla. Unfortunately, self-publishing is not going to be an option. Realistically, I’m not going to have the time to market my books, and energy went out the window about the time I hit hot flashes. (As it is, I’m going to have to start exercising my eyelids so they’ll stay open during staff meetings.)

I plan to keep writing, and look for traditional publishing while slaving away in the salt mines. Am I bitter? Surprisingly not, although I reserve the right to become cranky in the future. I’ll keep in touch as best I can between scribbling on legal pads, hanging post-it notes, and stuffing envelopes.

Humor has been a life-saving necessity, so I’ll keep posting off-color observations on my blog. Wish me luck as I start this new adventure, and don’t be surprised if I become even less coherent (if that’s possible) than my normal babbling self. This is your brain on 5 Hour Energy drinks.

9 thoughts on “A double espresso to go, please

  1. Good morning Karla. I wish you good luck on your job hunt. I hope you get an awesome job (with lots of breaks).

    All the best,


    • Lots of breaks would be my idea of a dream job. They don’t really like you putting that on your resume.

  2. Karla, best wishes in your job hunt. It’s not easy anywhere, from what I’ve heard and experienced. I wouldn’t be working in a call center (via my bedroom office) If I could land anything else. Those bills have to get paid. Please do keep in touch. And you know I’ll be checking your blog regularly for your unique and delightful brand of humor. HUGSSS

    • Thanks, Terri. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. If I go into it with the expectation of disaster, I shouldn’t be too dissappointed.

  3. Sadly I just got a job so now have less time to write and enjoy life. Good luck with your job search and writing! Keep us posted.

  4. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

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