A technological goober on the internet

Two hundred thirty-four years ago our forefathers founded a new nation, establishing my 1st Amendment rights to fumble around aimlessly on the internet. I’m currently trying to link my Facebook page with my web page, my Twitter address, and my Writer’s Digest community page. If you google my name, you’ll find several pages of listings, including one for Burton SC Booty Call, which is a total mystery to me.

These entries are a testament to my awkward attempts to join some groups, enter some contests, and get some pension administration credentials. The latter allows me to cite chapter and verse of the Internal Revenue Code until your eyes glaze over. §410(b) is one of my favorites.

Now all I need to do is learn to use a digital camera. Yes, I said it. I still use cameras with 35 mm film, exposures, f stops, etc. My assignment for this weekend is to successfully take a digital picture and upload it to my computer. I have a camera, an instruction book, and something called a USB cable. What could go wrong?

I could hold down the shutter button while trying to figure out why the flash is not working.

I could try out the zoom function on my freakishly bony ankles.

In all, I took four pictures, and got them all to my computer. My brand new batteries are showing that they need to be changed, and I haven’t even tried it in daylight.

Did I mention that this particular camera came out when the technology was in its infancy? I bought a package of batteries so I can take a couple pictures of the 4th of July festivities.

All in all, mission accomplished. The founding fathers would be proud, as long as they don’t find out about the Booty Call thing.