Auto recovery

“Thanks for coming out to dinner and listening to me kvetch.” Normally, I can take little annoyances in stride, but yesterday felt like one big marathon of stepping in dog poop. It was all the little things that had me wanting to just squirt lemon juice in my eyes and be done with it.

keys After my dinner therapy, my daughter, her friend, and I were walking out to the car, when I realized that my keys were not in my purse. I peered in the car window, and sure enough, there they were perched majestically on the front seat. I’m proud to say that I didn’t curse, curl up in the fetal position, or kick any puppies. Score one for me.

My husband is the greatest: he would do anything for me. This was not one of his finer moments. When I called, he had me stand next to the car while he tried hitting the unlock button on the spare keys over the phone. Nothing. If it had worked, I would have gone straight to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket.

He grudgingly agreed to drive the half hour to the restaurant to rescue me from my latest senior moment. We went in for some coffee while we waited. A few minutes later he called back and sheepishly told me that his battery was dead. He left the lights on when he came home from the dentist.

Huzzah!! I wasn’t the only auto idiot that day! It was a hollow victory at best, but I was going to take what I could get.

In the end, it was roadside assistance who got my car opened. I didn’t buy that lottery ticket, but I had the glowing feeling that I had finally overcome one obstacle for the day.

Today is looking up. It’s sunny, but cold as all get out, so I went to make myself a cup of cocoa. Too bad my cup was upside-down on the counter when I went to pour the cocoa mix in. I didn’t notice because I was distracted by an explosion of cocoa powder that had erupted from the top of the packet when I tore it open. Maybe not the best day to try to do long division, solve the problem of world hunger, or get behind the wheel.

11 thoughts on “Auto recovery

  1. Oh lordy, girl, just stay inside. Try the cocoa once again. Stay warm. Don’t drive. Please don’t drive. I have had days like this so my advice is solid. And just to annoy you a little further, it’s gonna be 75 degrees here today.
    (you still love me don’t you? Even though I am a mild irritant?)

    • Yes, I still love you. Just don’t get near me with lemon juice … or weather reports. 🙂

  2. As someone who feels 2013 is dangerously weird I’m at a loss. Every time I complain things get worse, so lets just say everything is great. Yeah, right.

    • I’m just having some Peeps therapy right now – marshmallowy goodness. I wonder if they’re good in cocoa?

  3. Well, I was going to make a completely wonderful and miraculous sort of comment that you would never ever forget for the rest of your life, but then I was stopped by the genius-leven comments by Beats Somebody O. Rother just above, and I can’t even remember what you wrote. But I’m thinking Beats might be able to do that long division for you.

    Er, it’s probably safe to get behind the wheel now, I mean.

    • Upstaged by Beats again! “I would like congratulate on helpful content. You wrong ????” I mean, how can I compete with writing like that?

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