Bring it!

I’m pleased to be able to share a great opportunity for humor writers who want to get some publishing credits. You can go to the Sneak Peeks page on this website to learn about a chance to be published in a humor anthology.

When I quit my day job to take on the glamorous lifestyle of a humor writer, I had no idea that you have to be published in order to get published. It makes about as much sense as the Pythagorean theorem, which starts by multiplying and dividing a bunch of letters in order to get a number.

Cue Karla’s head exploding.

Ninth grade math aside, a new writer has to pretty much set himself on fire in order to get noticed by the publishing industry. So why do people decide to start a writing career? Because you can only play so much solitaire at the office before they catch on to you. By the way, when you crawl under your desk to take a little nap, you’re not fooling anyone.

So when you get a chance to get noticed that doesn’t involve lighter fluid and a trip to the burn ward, give it your best shot. We want you to succeed, so bring it.

7 thoughts on “Bring it!

  1. This is such a great idea..!

    It’s like the young person who is going out looking for a job, but the employer wants someone with experience…but, how am I to get experience, if you won’t give me a job???

  2. When a new writer does break into conventional publishing, it’s more about timing than anything else: the right story at the right time, placed with the right agent and editor.

    Any opportunity helps.

  3. Writing a book is easy…

    Compared to the slogging, never-ending job of promoting a book………

  4. Fabulous! I will be checking this site out.

    Since I am unemployed.

    And I truly stink at math.

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