Everything but the diaper bag

It’s amazing seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Getting from my front porch to the world, not as amazing. Traveling with small children required months of planning, military precision, and a U-Haul. I looked forward to the day when I’d just be able to throw a few things in a bag and hit the open road. I’m still waiting for that day.

This weekend I’m heading out for a Writer’s Conference. Besides doing the pre-packing laundry and getting the oil changed in the car, I’ve had to add a few items to my checklist.

My husband asked me last week if I had shaved my legs. I told him, “No, I’m saving up the hair for next Thursday.” This makes perfect sense to me. As I’m getting older, I have fewer hairs on my legs and less dexterity for the gymnastics involved in shaving. A four-day weekend requires split-second timing for maximum stubble-free effectiveness.

Naturally, I had to get my gray roots touched up, but I also had to reposition facial hair. Since my eyebrows seem to be migrating to my lip, this would require some serious plucking. One conference a few years ago was at a fancy hotel which included fluffy bathrobes, morning newspaper, and a lighted magnifying mirror. One quick look in the mirror had me sprinting for the hotel gift shop, panting “Tweezers. I need tweezers!” So yesterday I plucked my lip-brows and contorted myself to where I could find my solitary chin whisker. Done!

Packing involves a boatload of pills, multiple layers of clothing for hot-flash preparedness, a shoebox full of skin care products and cosmetics, and my ergonomic neck pillow. One of the few things I don’t need anymore is the diaper bag, … but give it time.

6 thoughts on “Everything but the diaper bag

  1. No way, not gonna happen! There is no way I am ever going to go through all of this. No woman should even have to suffer this way! I thought I was receiving cruel and unusual punishment because I have to shave my legs every day…I am a wuss!

  2. OMG Karla, if and when the lisas post their blog, “When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Plucky,” readers are going to totally thing we’re copying you. And yes, we do talk about ourselves in third person, at least we got that post up first.

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