It won’t be pretty

First, congratulations to Joan Oliver Emmer, winner of the great cookie giveaway. Joan was chosen at random from the website’s subscribers to receive two dozen homemade cookies of her choice. I’ll be baking the cookies tonight, just in time to eat the broken pieces before my first Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. Hurray, Joan!

A friend of mine once told me that anything worth doing, is worth doing half-assed. I’ve taken that to heart. That’s how I found myself slumped down in a beat-up Plymouth Sundance, an Ikea bookshelf wedged in and sticking out over my head, with my daughter crumpled up on the back floor in the only available space. Halfway home I heard her announce, “I feel so ghetto.” Obviously, I didn’t think that one through.

I have the self improvement books to prove that I’ve made an effort at living a purpose driven life. I may occasionally even practice one of the habits of highly effective people. Then I decided 20 years ago that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what was going on in my head. It may not be pretty, but I generally just wing it where day to day living is concerned.

The problem is that when you’re all do and no think, your life tends to read like Fun with Dick and Jane.

Karla likes the Seahawks.

Karla has no shame.

Go, Hasselbeck, go. (Sound it out, kids.)

Win. Win. Win.

Karla bakes some cookies

FDA approved.

Stir, Karla, stir.

Bake. Bake. Bake.

Karla looks so sexy.

Smoking is so cool.

Bad, Karla, bad.

Quit. Quit. Quit.

I’ve done some really stupid things (see Seahawks reference), but I’ve managed to half-ass my way through life. If you wanted pretty, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. At least I got rid of the deathtrap car.

16 thoughts on “It won’t be pretty

    • Yes, that’s me in my cute little kitchen. We had the house built, so I got to choose the cabinets. Sometimes I think things through before acting.

  1. Great blog, Karla…
    I think we’ve all gone the half-assed route more than once…heck, I think I live it everyday…

    • Well, I wrote the blog in the middle of the night. At 3:00 AM putting milk on Cheerios sounds like a brilliant concept.

  2. Nice pictures. I didn’t realize you were Hot. (no she didn’t just say that).

    Ditch the cigarette though. You need to live a long long time, so we can all glean wisdom and wit from your half-assed efforts. And I mean that in the nicest way. Love LOVE your blog!


    • We so didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, but suck it up, TV commentators. We were amazing yesterday!

  3. I had to jog my memory to remember what a Seahawk was… shows you how much attention I pay to football.

  4. You go girl!

    P.S. I quit 8 1/2 years ago, thanks to the conception of my son. Other wise my butt would be smoking a butt right along with you. You weigh it. Smoking or baby at 43.

  5. You know what non smokers have to face?

    That smoking is indeed more cool than not smoking.

    James Dean! An iron lung, a hole in your throat and the little machine that makes you sound a little like Darth Vader.

    I love smoking! And a great way to get out of cuddling after a romp, the expected post bliss smoke.

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