Sorry, we can’t use funny

If you haven’t read Barry Parham’s work, you’re missing out on laughing till milk squirts out your nose. (Not altogether an unpleasant thing if you’re into nasal orgasms.) I stole the title for this blog from one of his books, which kind of says it all. It wasn’t until I went to a conference and cornered threatened spoke to an agent, that I finally got him to look at my humor book. Upshot: he loved it but knew that a publisher would be a hard sell.

I have the privilege of working with some very talented humorists, and counting many more as friends. It broke my heart to have to turn some folks away, lest our book reached biblical proportions.

Instead of regaling you with some of my tasteless mirth, I’ve posted a few quotes from our upcoming Valentine’s Day humor book on the Sneak Peeks page.

You can read Barry’s weekly blog at Associated Content. Here’s one of my favorites, from his new book The Middle Age of Aquarius.

15 thoughts on “Sorry, we can’t use funny

  1. Funny stuff! Way to go Karla! Soon I’ll be able to say, “I online knew her when…”

  2. awesome! who’s your publisher and how can we get 37 advance reader copies for holiday gifts?

    • Bauu Press, and just let me know. The Valentine’s book is set for release around January 1, but we’ll have advance copies available on request.

  3. Oh Karla….I so wished that I could have had something to contribute for the Valentines Day book but I just couldn’t come up with anything humorous…nothing would even come to mind.

    I can’t wait to read it when it comes out. BTW, milk coming out your nose does not give you an orgasm…if it does, you might be doing EVERYTHING all wrong.

  4. As it’s the same book I edited for you, I can attest to just how funny it really is!

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