Space invaders

I got bored watching a teenage comedy last night, so I switched to the Science Channel. (Hey, I’m multi-faceted). I napped through microorganisms living under harsh conditions on other planets. Yawn, snooze. I woke up in time to hear about radio communications from space, foretelling an imminent alien invasion. How did we get from primordial goo to a superior race? Why wasn’t I told about this? Man, I hate when that happens!

Since we may be getting visitors, I decided to spruce up the house a bit today. This included packing away the manger scene left up from Christmas 2009. My aversion to dusting meant that baby Jesus was buried under dust bunnies the size of fully loaded Volkswagen Beatles.

While I was digging out the wise men, I pondered the age-old question. Why aren’t UFOs visiting the Big Apple or Rodeo Drive? Instead, they frequent places like Couer d’Alene, Idaho, (motto: bring your own toilet paper). Do aliens even use toilet paper?

I figure that since I live in Stixville, South Carolina, conveniently located near the Hell Hole Swamp (no, seriously), my house should be a prime target for the impending invasion. I don’t get company very often, so I’m hoping that I can pull off being the proper hostess to the hordes of socially superior life forms.

As an ambassador for the human race, there are so many considerations. Will country music paralyze their nervous systems? Will they feel threatened by my collection of garden gnomes and plastic pink flamingos? I’d hate to be vaporized over a simple misunderstanding.

If the end of the world does come about this year, I hope it’s not because of angry aliens with an allergy to dust bunnies.

11 thoughts on “Space invaders

  1. OMG, Aliens! I’m so pumped! We haven’t had a visitor in months. Do you think they might show up here? I bake some tasty snickerdoodles. I wonder if they’ll want a guided tour down the Las Vegas Strip? Heck, they may even have heard of Vegas! In fact, they may EVEN mistake me for a showgirl.

    ROFL, Loved this post Karla. Makes me want to chime in, can you tell? So many possibilities here. We could have a competition! An “Alien Throwdown”, if you will.

    Oh lordy, just stop me. Or shoot me. Truth is? I really can bake some excellent snickerdoodles. Have a Super “out of this world” day!

  2. If we’re to believe the Prophet Tim of Burton, then Hank Williams tunes are lethal to the alien critters.

  3. Once again you have caused me to snort with laughter. No wonder I just keep coming back for more. P.S. My son absolutely believes in alien invasions. He even wears the t-shirts with little green men on them. Lol.

    • According to these scientists, your son doesn’t have long to wait. I recommend that he join the welcoming committee in Idaho.

  4. I think you’re on to something Karla. I mean Coeur d’Alene has to have less dust than the south!

    • I think most of the dust in the state of South Carolina is on my bookshelves. Glad my website is talking to you again. I always love to hear from you.

  5. A town near where I live bills themselves as the UFO Capitol of the World because of all the UFO sightings that occurred there during the 70’s. Every summer they celebrate UFO Days and one of the town’s residents built a landing strip for alien aircraft. They may have to turn over the honor to your town after your alien visit.

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