The big squat – a movement for the toilet-less

Today is World Toilet Day. Honestly, people, you just can’t make that stuff up. The World Toilet Organization (yes, there is one) is seeking to raise awareness of the 2.5 billion people in the world who lack basic sanitation. These people are forced to squat in public to relieve themselves. Most don’t feel that toilets are necessary, but suffer the consequences in dysentery and cholera.

The World Toilet Organization seeks to use humor to get people talking about things they would rather not discuss in polite society. As a humor writer, I have no trouble at all talking about poop, so get off your fat lily white asses, and show the world you care. There are seven steps to participating in The Big Squat.

Step one: Decide where to squat. Make sure it’s a public location with plenty of people around.

Step two: Invite people. You can use Facebook or Twitter to get your friends involved. Send out emails or use a website like evite.

Step three: Join the squat movement. Choose a time, and squat for one minute. Hopefully, curious onlookers will ask what you’re doing. Be prepared to explain. You can always do more than one squat.

Step four: Get the word out. Tell people why you are squatting. Blog, or use Facebook or Twitter.

Step five: Talk about your event. If you are able to organize a group squat-in, go to and let them know.

Step six: Tell the media. Send out a press release, so that media can be on hand for your squat-in.

Step seven: Prepare for the event. Download the World Toilet Day logos. Make up fliers to provide to curious onlookers. Go to to download graphics that you can include on signs or fliers.

There are a number of private organizations who depend on donations to help create sanitary conditions, but the event is designed to raise awareness rather than solicit donations. If the UN knows that we care, they can continue to stress to governments the need to invest in this basic health need.

Last of all, think about your humor writers. This is the day to not be offended by the poop jokes. While we’re serious about the needs of others, we can laugh at ourselves and our unending phobia of germs, and our search for just the right ply toilet paper. I recommend 2-ply quilted.

So send a message, firm your thighs, and show the world you care.

8 thoughts on “The big squat – a movement for the toilet-less

  1. @ Susan-I’ve done that…ok, maybe not written a blog comment on the toilet, because I’m not there right now, but I have talked on the phone while on the toilet…I was expecting a call, and it just so happened, I was on the shitter….so, yes, I think it does count.

  2. We hardly realise the comfort we live in, even when money is tight and the economies of some developed countries are crumbling as we write. A virtual squat is just as good as any. Here’s mine.

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