This person is annoying me

Understatement. It’s amazing how easy it is in the information age to just cut somebody out of your life. This morning I blocked a person from my facebook fan page. That was a first. The block allows you to give a number of different reasons. I had to laugh when I saw “this person is annoying me.” I didn’t see one for “this person hurt me and my children and deserves to rot in hell.” Too bad.

I guess I’m at the age where I just don’t have the patience to put up with unacceptable behavior. I was just trying to think of some ways to delicately let people know that you’d rather chew on razor blades than see them again.


@scumbag Sending you a virtual crazed wolverine and a leaky squirt gun. #biteme 🙂

#MM @whackadoodle Hope you find the giant cockroach I left in your panty drawer. You’re welcome.

@guttertramp I’m OK. You’re a mess. The subpoena is in the mail. #getalawyer

@snarkqueen When you find yourself bleeding on the side of the highway, remember, I could give a rat’s ass. #wearaseatbelt


Missing you

I need to adjust the sights on my rifle

Hoping to see you again

So I can sic the dogs on you

You get the idea. They say we’re getting old and crotchety, and that may be true. I think that people who spend their lives thinking up ways to hurt others are a waste of oxygen. Does that mean I’m getting intolerant? It’s about freakin’ time.

19 thoughts on “This person is annoying me

    • I tell you what, I’ve been smiling most of the day and I’m going to sleep well tonight.

  1. You know, Karla, if you weren’t an author, you could create a line of greeting cards for this sort of thing!

  2. Oh my, Karla…wow! I don’t think I’ve heard such profanity come from you before…but, I’m sure it’s well deserved…I think…

    • I think that’s the nice thing about aging. You don’t have to set a good example for your kids anymore.

  3. Go on ahead with yo bad self, sistah! Very proud of you. And I LOVE the Twitter shots. Gosh how I love it when a woman get tough.
    ( I mean that in a strictly platonic way, you understand)

    • I’ve been taking it for over 30 years from this person. It’s long past time to start dishing it out.

  4. I LOVE the block feature online. I don’t have any desire to deal with stupid or annoying people. If someone starts getting into it with me, I don’t even bother responding to their foolishness. I just let them disappear.

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