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Disclaimer: Despite the title, at no time during this blog will you find anything touchy-feely, enlightening, or socially redeeming. If you want self-awareness and personal growth, you should try www.DrPhil.com.

A well known author claimed that all writers should make a New Year’s resolution to “own” their profession. Even if your day job involves cow cadavers and goat guts, you need to define yourself first and foremost as a writer (and seriously consider a new day job).

Police officers have uniforms. Road workers have those ugly orange vests. Lawyers have Rolexes, penis cars, and $500 Italian leather shoes. Writers have half-price underwear. Since I don’t walk around with my Fruit of the Looms outside my pants (except on Tuesdays), how are people supposed to know my profession just by looking at me?

crime scene I was at a mystery shop in downtown Charleston last week, shamelessly trying to peddle my books when I saw it. It was blindingly yellow and majestic. Even though yellow makes my skin look like I just ate three pounds of undercooked pork, I knew it would be mine.

I walked out of the shop with my new scarf and a spring in my step. I looked like the epitome of a mystery writer, or a serial killer. I knew now that I would have the respect and admiration of all my non-writery peers. “Look at me owning it!” I thought.

My peers were staring blatantly at my scarf, or my boobs. Either way it was a win. I couldn’t attract any more attention unless my fly was down, and I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. Do I regret spending $24 for a scrap of yellow fabric that accentuates the bags under my eyes? I figure it still looks better than Fruit of the Loom Tuesdays.

10 thoughts on “Walk the walk

  1. I was thinking ‘chalk line’ too. Maybe up against the wall, with blood stains. Like you’d been blown away. Only you’d have a seductive, satisfied smile on your face. And your eyes would be closed.

    Am I over-thinking this?

    • The gaping chest wound might be a little over the top. I don’t think even J Lo could pull that look off.

  2. What happens when you “solve” the crime? Great scarf but don’t twist it tightly around your neck, no matter how cold it gets.

  3. Definite chalk line pic required!

    Back before computers, we writers could announce our profession by the amount of smudged ink on our fingertips…

    • I think the scarf is a definite improvement over looking like you’ve just overhauled the engine in your grandmother’s Buick.

    • There’s always the glasses with fake mustache and rubber nose. Actually, that may be the perfect accessory for my scarf.

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