8 thoughts on “Writers of Mass Distraction

  1. Karla! You’re not guest posting–you’re a member of WMD!

    Oh, no…you don’t want to admit you’re one of us…we’re really that bad….

    • Can I claim Freudian slip? I’m actually proud to be a member of these hooligans and scofflaws. I fit right in.

  2. I thought maybe I was getting senile…your name, photo and bio are one the roster…we don’t put guest posters on the roster…yep, you’re one of us!

    And yes, we are hooligans!

  3. Karla, I am afraid – very afraid – for you going out on Black Friday. I better head over and read your blog. Don’t forget the steel plated armor.

  4. I am here, thanks to Terri. You’re pretty much fantastic, you know? Of course you do. 🙂 I am really enjoying the laughs.

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