Writers of Mass Distraction

Pepper spray…check. Crampons…check. Stun gun…check. I’m ready to take on the Black Friday shoppers. I’m guest posting today, so join me at Writers of Mass Distraction by clicking here, to learn why I’m up to my neck in alligators on Black Friday.

8 thoughts on “Writers of Mass Distraction

  1. Karla! You’re not guest posting–you’re a member of WMD!

    Oh, no…you don’t want to admit you’re one of us…we’re really that bad….

    • Can I claim Freudian slip? I’m actually proud to be a member of these hooligans and scofflaws. I fit right in.

  2. I thought maybe I was getting senile…your name, photo and bio are one the roster…we don’t put guest posters on the roster…yep, you’re one of us!

    And yes, we are hooligans!

  3. Karla, I am afraid – very afraid – for you going out on Black Friday. I better head over and read your blog. Don’t forget the steel plated armor.

  4. I am here, thanks to Terri. You’re pretty much fantastic, you know? Of course you do. 🙂 I am really enjoying the laughs.

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