24 hours and counting

Within the next 24 hours, my first book will be up and available as an ebook on Amazon. The book will especially appeal to those of us who go to the store for a Glade plug-in (Spring Bouquet) and come back with everything but. Only slightly more terrifying than a senior moment is the sure knowledge that your house is now going to smell like unwashed feet.

Box of Rocks is a humorous murder mystery, whose main characters are fifty-somethings, searching for adventure, meaning, and underwear that doesn’t leave a panty line. Aren’t we all? Right now I have an advanced release copy sitting on my desk (so pretty!), and it will be out in paperback within the next couple weeks (sooner than I thought).

Not only will I be able to offer readers an enjoyable story, but I might get to occasionally visit the steak end of the meat counter. There aren’t that many good tripe recipes out there. Unfortunately, authordom is about as good of a get rich quick scheme as creating gift baskets with cactus plants and balloon animals. Try the saguaro/bunny combo.

Want a taste? Please enjoy this brief excerpt from the book.

Extricating the fallen man was a comedy of errors. Apparently the shaft was too narrow for a stretcher. They lowered a man down who rigged a harness around the victim, but as they attempted to raise him, the limp body kept banging into protruding rocks, dumping stones and dirt onto the EMT waiting 20 feet below. With dead weight on the other end, the rope slipped twice from the fingers of the other EMT. “Hey, guys. Could I get a hand over here?”

The space between the fence and lip of the pit was too narrow for more than one man, so they strung the end of the rope over the fence and Jonathan, Mike, and Bobby joined in on the macabre tug of war.

The victim was wearing only thermal underwear. When he finally reached the top, he was flopped over like a rag doll, and his long johns had snagged on several rocks and a protruding tree root, dragging the underwear to pool around his knees. He emerged from the pit with his backside exposed to the sky in an impressive full moon.


18 thoughts on “24 hours and counting

  1. You know, Karla, some of your fellow authors would be willing to give you blurbs if you’d ask us….

    (You should really use that line: “Despite the best efforts of the psychiatric community….” in your product info.)

  2. Oh Karla!!! This is wonderful news!!!

    I will be first in line to buy your book! Congratulations, girl!!!

  3. Congratulations! I am confused though (big surprise) – is it an ebook or a paperback?

  4. Alright!! If I mail you my copy of the book will you sign it? I knew you’d make good one day. ;-p

    • You’re getting a signed copy anyway, since you were nice enough to be one of my beta readers.

  5. I’m so happy and excited for you! I’ll be buying your book as soon as it comes out. You are a rock star!

  6. Having had beta-read the book for you, I had a lot of fun with it. It’s great that you’ve got it out there!

  7. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Did you upload it to Kindle? I’m planning on doing that and wondered how difficult it was.

    • Yes, and the difficulty depends on how clean your Word document is. Line spacing was a challenge, and I didn’t do a table of contents. I didn’t want to mess with links my first time out of the gate. It gives you plenty of opportunity to preview, make changes, and reload, trust me on this one.

  8. I was blessed to be a beta-reader of this wonderful book and Highly Recommend it !!!

  9. So where can I buy the paperback? Amazon only or my local bookstore? Will you be doing a book tour? If you come to Seattle I have a spare bedroom.

    • When the paperback first comes out (in about two weeks), it will be on Amazon. Eventually it will be on Barnes & Noble’s website, Wal-Mart.com, Target.com, …if all goes according to plan.

      When I come to Seattle, can I bring my 100 pound doberman?

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