Games of the living dead


Synchronized dangling with a 3.4 degree of difficulty.

Synchronized dangling with a 3.4 degree of difficulty.

I think I’m turning into a zombie. Each time I stand up, my knees lock, I drag one leg behind me, and an inhuman groan rises out of my throat. After a few staggering steps, the stiffness goes away and order is restored. I think, in honor of this new decrepitude, AARPers should band together and form the Zombie Olympics.

Games would include the La-Z-boy Lunge. It would involve those new recliners that lift up to help you stand. Strategically placed booster rockets would propel the couch potatoes across a twenty foot sand pit. Athletes will be judged on grace and distance. The East German judges will mark you down if you don’t stick the landing.

My personal favorite is the Clean and Jerk. Contestants must get on their hands and knees to scrub dog vomit off the carpet. The first one that can push himself back up into a vertical position wins. Extra points are awarded to those who don’t need Ben Gay and an ice pack afterwards.

The Lavatory Dash is a crowd pleaser. Contestants must sit in an airplane seat for two hours, drinking diet soft drinks and/or cheap wine. They must then drag themselves over the lap of their neighbor, stagger down the aisle, and leap the beverage cart to get to the lavatory. Few seniors have succeeded.

The games will end on a high note with the Rise and Whine. The Americans have dominated this event for years. The rules are simple. The first one to climb out of bed and stumble down the hall to the bathroom wins. Points are deducted for careening off the walls, stepping on the dog, and not checking to make sure the toilet seat is down.

The Zombie Olympics would be sponsored by Metamucil, Viagra, and Depends. Instead of gold medals, pain meds and a date with Harrison Ford are awarded. Silver medallists get Clint Eastwood and a bottle of Tylenol.

I’m starting to train now for the Clean and Jerk in the 2012 games. This involves sitting cross-legged for ten minutes, then feeding the dog leftover pizza. My rugs are not too happy about it, but Harrison Ford is totally worth it.

12 thoughts on “Games of the living dead

  1. Oh gawd that was hilarious. Now if you could just add George Clooney and/or Jennifer Lopez to the prize list, I am sure I could be a contender. They’re not old enough? Dang. I thought my eyesight was going…..I just wasn’t sure. I could kick some arse in the Rise and Whine competition. I am not so good at the Rise, but my Whining reaches some stellar high notes. Game on!

    • We’re taking volunteers for the La-Z-Boy Lunge. I won’t even force you to wear the spandex tights.

  2. Goodness, I could qualify. Do they take “younger” people as well? I’m further down the hill of being a senior, but I’m feelin’ everything you are. In my mid-forties right now, I do that shuffly walk like a zombie and I also have a bugger of a time getting up.

    Excellent post! LOL

  3. I’m so sorry about your nose, kiddo. Hope it gets better soon. I guess athleticism doesn’t run in our family.

  4. I’m wondering what Beth is wondering…do you take younger people? My joints are always killing me, I have a herniated disk, and when I first stand up in the morning it’s “snap, crackle, pop”.
    Oh and um…”Clean and Jerk”? I think I’ve heard of that game before but I don’t think it’s quite the same thing you’re talking about.

  5. I love it. I’m getting in shape now. Stand up. Sit down. Stand Up. Sit down. Naptime.
    Stand up slowly. walk two steps. sit down. walk two steps. sit down. whew!

  6. Like zombies, seniors are also known to congregate in packs. You’ll often find them in shopping malls two hours before opening in the morning.

    I’m sure the dog appreciates the leftover pizza. Even if it does have anchovies.

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