Yippee, skippy news! I just won third place in the National Contest! This entitles me to $35 and bragging rights. I’m sure that all my writery friends are feeling jealous happy for me. Thanks to all my friends for your encouragement, and to all my readers for your overabundance of free time continued support. You can view my winning article by clicking on the link

14 thoughts on “ Award

  1. Congratulations Karla!

    I’d just like to say that your entry was much funnier than either of the first two winners. I didn’t find #1 funny at all, and #2 went on a bit so I scanned down after reading the first 1/3.

    I’m just sayin’.

    • Thanks, Sarah. I know the guy who wrote #2. He does tend to go on a bit. Fortunately, I have the attention span of a special needs dog (squirrel!) so my posts are short.

  2. OMG!!! That was too funny!!! I’m at work, and the people I’m working with are looking at me funny (Ok, well…I do work at the funny farm, but still) as I sit here and laugh until I have tears in my eyes.

    I feel for ya girl…and, I agree with the other PP…you should have won first prize.
    Congratulations anyway!!!

  3. Karla, I’m not sure what the judges were thinking, but you most definitely should have won. I’m thinking that maybe they were jealous of all the special treatment your doctor was giving you. I think I might have snickered once in the first story, and not at all in the second. So, in my eyes, you won, honey.

  4. There’s so much to laugh at in your post: hand puppets, 3D version video, happy face on the calendar. So, so funny – and the title is genius!

    • Thanks, Trish. I’m rewarding myself with raspberry sherbet, so my next blog will probably be about regrets.

  5. Congrats, girlfriend! Feel free to try our trick to offering to sleep with the judges in exchange for first prize. Come to think of it that’s never worked for us… TOL (The Other Lisa) informs me I was suppose to offer we’d agree NOT to sleep with the judges. My bad.

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