It’s all in the wrist

I used to juggle tennis balls, and I really sucked at it. That’s a metaphor, by the way, but you probably already guessed that. My desk is a fallout zone of receipts, lists, copies of my book, and a plastic Cootie bug (red, with yellow legs).

I accomplished some amazing stuff this week. I arranged a book signing, passed out flyers and posters, and added fluff and poop to my website (a book trailer and a t-shirt, respectively). I still wonder why anyone other than my mother would want a t-shirt with my book on it (see sidebar), but there are always some whackadoodles out there. For those of you taking anti-psychotics, stay tuned for personalized coffee mugs, ball caps, and condoms (ribbed for her pleasure).

My mother-in-law was planning to visit for the week, but now it’s just turned into one day. Under the circumstances, I don’t feel constrained to clean my closets, vacuum the five o’clock shadow of cat hair off the bedspread, or wash and wax the driveway. Can I prioritize, or what?

Warning: blatant self-promotion ahead

The print copy of Box of Rocks is now on Amazon. Bad news, as of this posting, they don’t have it in stock yet, although they’ll probably release it five minutes after I post this. Good news, you can buy a signed copy now. Click here for the the Adoro Books website. You can email me at for a specific inscription, otherwise you’ll probably get:

Dear <place your name here>

Congratulations on your <bar mitzvah / birthday / anniversary / successful proctology exam>

Just keep it clean folks. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing (oversized t-shirt and bunny slippers).

So that’s how I’ve been spending my time this week. If you have 26 seconds to spare, check out the cool book trailer that my friend made. I’m expecting it to go viral on You Tube any day now.