Back in my day

Go to any restaurant gift shop and you can find pamphlets that give you the trends, favorite songs and average price for a house in the year you were born. This has the unfortunate affect of making you think back to all the changes since you were a kid and realize that your lifetime has become “history.” It also makes you wonder why a restaurant needs a gift shop.

Highlights of the new old farts (some lying is involved):

1946 The Baby Boomer Generation begins, and the first bikinis go on sale in Paris. Cottage cheese thighs come out of the closet.

1947 UFO allegedly found in Roswell, NM. U.S. begins mass production of weather balloons.

1948 First NASCAR race for modified stock cars is held at Daytona Beach. The term “redneck” is first coined by Jeff Foxworthy, Sr.

1949 First Polaroid land camera sold. Photographer complained, “You blinked” 60 seconds later.

1950 First television remote control is marketed. Joey Roenscheck becomes the first U.S. couch potato.

1951 First oral contraceptive (The Pill) is invented. The Pope pretends not to notice.

1952 Elizabeth, II becomes Queen of England after the death of her father, George VI. Welsh Corgis invade Buckingham Palace.

1953 Playboy Magazine’s first issue featured Marilyn Monroe. Magazines sold out in 32 minutes.

1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs social security bill into law. Social Security system faces 1.2 million dollar deficit for the first time.

1955 Disneyland opens in California. The Magic Kingdom is rocked by scandal as Donald Duck is caught in public without pants.

1956 Elvis Presley releases his first hit: Heartbreak Hotel. First Elvis Presley impersonator hits Vegas strip.

1957 Peak of the Baby Boomer years, and foot and mouth disease reaches epic proportions in England. George Walker Bush was not to blame.