Yuletide Greetings

God rest ye merry ladies and gentlemen. No, really, take a break. It’s been an uneventful year here, aside from marriage, divorce, broken bones, kidnapping by pirates, and home invasions by rabid opossums.

The Mayan apocalypse didn’t happen, unless you count trying to find a parking spot at the mall. The 21st was violently windy here, but not even enough to budge a shingle, let alone bring on the second coming of Christ. Bummer! But tis the season to celebrate the first coming of Christ, which is the whole reason for the candy canes, Christmas cookies, pumpkin pies, and holiday-colored M&M’s. Do we see a pattern forming here?

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to offer a gift to my readers. Now, through January 20 you can go to Smashwords and download any electronic version of Box of Rocks for free, using the coupon code ME64G at checkout. You can also go to Amazon, where the price has been reduced to 99 cents. If you’re giving an ereader to that special someone, please feel free to load it up with some laughter and mayhem.

May your holidays be blessed and filled with love.

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Stand up and be counted

Warning: This post is politically incorrect on so many levels. Sometimes, that’s not a bad thing.

One night, long ago, a weary couple arrived in a small town called Bethlehem. There was a convention with all the descendants of King David crammed together for a census, so that the Romans could decide where to build the best schools and aqueducts. Continue reading