Social insecurity

Editor’s note: I had my daughter read this before posting, and her response was, “Meh, whatever.” I take that as permission to heartlessly exploit her.

facebook My daughter is staying with me while she’s looking for a new job – one that pays well enough so she doesn’t have to live in a tent with a steady diet of road kill and pop tarts (strawberry – unfrosted). She doesn’t have enough money to go out and party, so this means we’re together A LOT! Desperate for a pastime that doesn’t include helping her mother fold laundry, clip coupons, or pluck nose hairs, she finally considered social networking. Continue reading

I’m getting dizzy, and I’m not even drunk

Yesterday I joined LinkedIn, because I’m all professional and stuff. Never mind that I don’t change out of my pajamas until well after lunch, and make-up is nowhere in the equation. I’ve been social networking my ass off this week. I now have a third email account to monitor, and five randy Italian men asking me what I’m wearing (blue flannel with pink flamingos). Mission accomplished. Continue reading