We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog

Irony is when I tell my readers how much I appreciate them, then my internet service provider craps out, so my readers can’t read all the nice things I have to say about them. Sorry for the inconvenience. They also seem to have misplaced my emails from the last few days. I got some bookmark requests Friday, which I’ve sent along. If you requested a bookmark Saturday, could you please resend your address and I’ll get it right out to you. Send to info@restaurant-e-guide.com My internet provider seems to have fixed the bugs on my website, so we should be back to monkey business as usual.

4 thoughts on “We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog

  1. I got your bookmark and the lovely card. Thank you. So how is it that you have such beautiful handwriting and mine looks like I got straight As in advanced prescription writing?

    • Maybe you inherited your writing from Grandma Saari. Of course, she had palsy so that might not be a fair comparison.

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