What’s that behind you?

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Magicians rank right up there with clowns for yuck factor. Their carefully guarded secrets still are just sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, and distraction. Why would I want to see people pulling rabbits, scarves, pigeons, or rutabagas out of a hat?

Still, there’s something to be said for distraction. I’m on day three without a cigarette. (pats her own back) I’m watching Deadliest Catch marathons, knitting matching covers for my washer and dryer, snaking out the sinks, waxing the driveway, teaching myself Swahili, and cleaning the car, air ducts, and random stray dogs.

Yesterday, was the ultimate distraction. I went on a field trip as research for my next book. The Harley dealership was huge and majestic. Hundreds of gleaming motorcycles greeted me with the promise of open roads and cute guys wearing leather chaps. I wanted to get a bike back in another lifetime, but my ex forbade it. Probably one of the reasons why he’s now my ex.

I actually drooled on one of the Softtail Deluxes, and considered a used Sportster as a starter bike. I found the bike I wanted for my roguish character, and checked out everything from leather jackets, to belt buckles, to Harley cribbage boards. I’ve led such a sheltered life. I never knew they had cribbage tournaments in the back rooms of biker bars. That’s definitely going in the book!

Can I afford a bike? No. Would the numbness in my hands be a detriment to riding a bike? Yes. But, for one shining afternoon, I had no desire for a cigarette, and it didn’t even require a magician.

5 thoughts on “What’s that behind you?

  1. I agree about the magician. My ex–with bunny and all the other accouterments. How do you say, P.I.A? Especially when you have to move the couch to clean out bunny droppings.
    Here’s to you for not smoking!! Yeah!! Three cheers!! Keep it up!! Save for the Bike!! Do anything, but stop smoking, please for us–your minions and constituents and followers who love you!!!

  2. What is it they say… keep the audience distracted with the right hand so they’re paying no attention to what the left hand is doing?

    As to the motorbikes… they are more then tempting, to say the least!

    • Ahh. If only I was 30 years younger, stupider, and could still fit into the black leather body suit…

  3. Congrats and best wishes on divorcing those cigarettes. Find something new to wrap your lovely fingers around, caress and stick in your mouth.
    Uh, where was I?
    Oh yea. We definitely don’t have motocycles in common. I am scared of those things. The fact that I’m scared of just about everything has nothing to do with it, though. Really.
    Come to Vegas. I’ll treat you and the hubs to “Penn and Teller”. That’s one magic show you won’t forget.

    HUGS and Happy/Lucky/Safe Friday the 13th!

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