E-mails from the edge

I was searching my back links the other day (something most people would not admit to unless they play Dungeons and Dragons), when I saw a link to my website on Kill Zone. This is only a primo website moderated by a group of the elite mystery and thriller writers. They take turns posting blogs on the site, and this post was from a Sunday, which means that the blog was written by James Scott Bell.

There, in the comments was a quote which I remember making on another website, with a link back to my homepage. Did Mr. Bell recognize my writing genius based on a few sentences he ran across while surfing the web? He cut and pasted little old me into his comments? Wow!

I had a famous secret admirer. I thought it only fitting, once I bragged to all and sundry of my new notoriety, to write Mr. Bell a note of thanks … and hilarity ensued.

Dear Mr. Bell

I discovered this morning that you quoted me on Kill Zone. Woo hoo!! You made my day. I’ve been following you on Twitter, but I honestly didn’t know anything about you until today. In 3-5 days, when I get your book from Amazon (I couldn’t spring for overnight shipping), I predict that you will be my new favorite author. No promises, mind you. I’ve finished a humor book, but I’m currently writing my first mystery. I’m having so much fun with it, now that I’ve gotten over having to kill one of my characters.

Thanks for listening. If I like your book, I’ll drop you a note. If you don’t hear from me, just consider this one of those awkward moments which will best be forgotten.

Karla Telega

Hi Karla. Thanks for the nice note! I appreciate it.

I’m a bit flummoxed, though, about your saying I quoted you. Could you

direct me to what you mean?

If I ever directly quote someone, I give credit! Thanks for solving

this “mystery.” 🙂

Take care. Hope you like the book…


Jim Bell

Dear Mr. Bell

I’m going to be so embarrassed if I wrote it there myself in a senior moment. On the August 15 – “Is there a writer inside you?” I have a comment which I thought that I had left on another author’s forum. I guess either somebody else copied it to your site or I’ve developed a split personality with a moronic (but well spoken) alter ego. I don’t remember ever going to the website before.

I’m glad you appreciated the note. I’m sure that someday I’ll look back at this and laugh.

**scratches her head, while crawling under a rock**

You can tell that I’m a writer because of my flair for words, and my quick wit. I have to give Mr. Bell props for being so patient and gracious with what could easily be mistaken for a letter from a creepy stalker fan. He also gave “creepy stalker” his permission to use his email in her blog.

I admire his courage in even responding to my initial email. If I had received a message from a crazed wannabe secretly-admired stranger, I would probably have deleted the message immediately and boiled my computer in bleach to rid it of any possible viruses.

Dear Mr. Bell

If at anytime you should change your mind about wishing to secretly admire me, I would appreciate an ad on the front page of our local paper to that effect, just to avoid any confusion.


Karla Telega

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  1. Okay, Karla, no more of this. No one, and I mean no one, is taking away my supremacy at Foot-in-Mouth! You gave it a great attempt here, but I will fight to hold onto my title! Martin, where are you? I need to do something really stupid….

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