Gerald and I would be walking buddies

Wanted: Walking buddy for, well…walking. Must be willing to face down very large snakes and alligators (actually, the gators are medium size), scramble across loose boulders, balance on muddy logs, traverse steep leafy slopes, and keep up with a Doberman with legs longer than your own. May include getting sprayed by said Doberman after he swims in alligator and snake infested water. Serious applicants only need apply. Continue reading

Nantucket Sleigh Ride

He threw himself on the ground and started crying loudly and pitifully. I glanced around hoping nobody would run out and accuse me of kicking my puppy. I managed to coax Colt into walking 20 feet for his first time on the leash before we turned back home. That was then. Continue reading

An obscenely expensive foot in the door

Amway, Fuller Brush, Avon, Encyclopedia Brittanica—all were the door-to-door salespeople of my youth. None was more feared than the vacuum cleaner salesman, who would literally stick his foot in your door, rush in, and cheerfully dump dirt on your carpet. I truly thought they were a thing of the past. Continue reading